Gym & Tonic -  Wednesdays 6pm - 6:45pm 

Location: Ravenstone Road Playing Field, Ravenstone

An instructor led class for all abilities working through cardio, bodyweight and resistance exercises.

Yoga mats and loop resistance bands (booty bands) required.


Farm Circuits - Fridays 9:15am - 10am

Location: Cattows Farm, Swepstone Road, Heather LE67 2RF

A timed circuit class using bodyweight and lots of different pieces of equipment from not only the fitness world but also around the farm. As the class operate on a 'work to rest' ratio, this means it is suitable for all levels of fitness. We cover resistance, cardio and flexibility training in this class.

Fitness gloves are recommended to make handling the equipment easier.


Breakfast Club Bootcamp - Saturdays 9am - 9:45am

Location: Cattows Farm, Swepstone Road, Heather LE67 2RF

This class includes some elements of the circuits session but also lots of fun and engaging group activities. 

Fitness gloves recommended.


I also run additional blocks of classes at the farm at various points during the year. Please check my social media pages for up to date information.


****STARTING AUGUST 2022****

Fit and Giggles - Wednesdays 10:30am - 11:30am

Packington Memorial Hall

A postnatal class for mum's to begin to build back their fitness after having their baby. A simple postnatal friendly circuit class where babies are not just welcomed, they are encouraged!




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